KPI Benchmarks Info Advice Requested

Jaime Flynn

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for advice on where to get reliable digital marketing KPI benchmarks for the automotive industry. Right now all I can find are the few basics on Word Stream for search campaigns. 

I'm interested at learning more information on benchmarks for search but also website benchmarks as well.

Thank you!


Dane Saville

Hi, Jaime.

NADA usually releases annual information on some digital marketing-related metrics. 

Their mid-year report isn't nearly as complete as the year-end, so save this link for future reference:


Jaime Flynn

Hi Dane,

Thank you very much for the information!

Much appreciated


Mark Rask


Laura Hemphill

Hi Jaime, 

Foureyes has an annual automotive benchmarks report you may be interested in:

Adpearance recently shared website traffic benchmarks for auto dealers as well:

Hope that helps!

Bart Wilson

@Laura, this benchmarks report is pretty cool.  Thanks for sharing.

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