Last Call for Chat Provider Recommendations

JD Rucker
I've gone through five chat providers so far. Three of them were fine and I won't mention them. The other two were both pretty darn outstanding, strangely for different reasons. It's going to be hard to pick one over the other but after interviewing some dealers I'll be able to pick one. If there are any other chat providers out there that want to throw their pitch in the hat, please let me know this week. If there are any dealers who want to recommend a provider, post them here and it will be taken into account.
mark rask
We have looked at a bunch of providers. we are going with engage to sell. However we are just starting with them. We got great references from other dealers but are just starting with them.
JD Rucker
Thanks Mark! Please let me know how it goes. I'm supposed to meet with them soon, I believe.
Chris Halsey
JD, Check our Vendor Ratings to see if we have chat providers and what other dealers think of them. It a great resource which might provide additional options.
Craig Waikem
I view almost all chat software identical. I have no need for chat other than my dealer websites, so I would go with whomever is most cost effective AKA the least expensive! Currently we have a good rate because it is in a bundle (Contact At Once) In my market, video chat and being able to follow the customer on the site and engage with them offered us no advantages after testing it. Thoughts?
JD Rucker
When it comes to software, you're right, Craig. I'm looking more at the managed chat component. I've seen extreme differences in philosophy, quality, and results between the different managed chat providers.

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