Lead Buckets vs. Progressive Round Robin for lead rounting

Shawn Morse
Do you use lead buckets in your current CRM/ILM and if so why? Does your current system allow for progressive round robin (lead is automatically forwarded to next in line after a predefined time period). My thought is that lead buckets are a work around for systems that have a limited and/or very rigid lead routing process. I am curious to hear what this community thinks and how you currently route leads.
Chris K Leslie
We use dealer socket and have the ability to do and are doing both in some cases. For certain things it makes sense to have a bucket collect them while for others it makes sense to have leads go through a round robin. I think it all depends on what "it" is that you are trying to accomplish.
Craig Waikem
Agree with Chris! Some of our leads are round robin, and some fall into the bucket.
Michael Bilson
Depends on lead type, source, product knowledge of who that lead will be routed to, etc. @ Chris... I feel the answer your trying to provide is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4XT-l-_3y0
Chris K Leslie
HAHAH, thats awesome
mark rask
we have dealersocket and do it both ways.....depends on the type of leads

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