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Tony Giorgione
What happens to our online industry if we keep feeding the Autobytel and Dealix of the world? JD Powers study said consumer confidence was down 2. Something % meaning that fewer people we making leads.. They also said, the consumer did not expect to get what the asked for a Quote. My belief is dealers are slowly getting better at responding and consumers are getting what they asked for . But are too many responding to quickly now because the leads have been prostituted we are losing customers? Where will we be in 3 more years with our current destructive path. I spoke with a consumer who was a Dealix lead who told me, “she was no longer looking for a car”. It had only been 30 minutes so I asked “why”? The answer terrifies me… She answered: I made a specific request and expected 1 response and that 5 dealers had already called in side of 30 minutes, I don’t want any more calls or email. Side note: Great response times we are starting to awaken as dealers however, as a consumer do you think she will ever do that again? I think not and how many people will she tell what happened? This questions present us all with a problem.. Supporting Dealix, Autobytel, Autos.com and the other notorious out for money only providers like Nissan and Ford will kill the electronic side of our business. Sure consumers will shop on line and walk in. We will not be able to show ROI and prove our worth any longer. Electronic leads will vanish. Let’s Fix It Now! When you look at the quality providers like Kelly, Auto Usa, New cars plus and a few others they are selling vin specific leads they convert higher. I now believe the main reason is more than the brand or restate “ it is INTEGRITY”. They serve consumers and we should. Embrace company’s like this and fire the others as no good can come from it. Why would you want a stripped out leas? What I mean is a consumer goes thru a configuration or settles on a vin specific lead and then the vendor strips out the data so he can sell it 5 6 7 times to as many dealers as he can.. My question to all is How do we protect our investments and clean up the bad boys? I look forward to anyone who wants to reply.

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