Lead Location Plotting

Adam Ross
Have you ever seen your MTD leads plotted on a map, real-time, showing where your traffic is coming from (and not coming from)? How about broken down further and plotted by individual lead source? How useful would this visualization be to you? What would you do if you had this powerful information?
John Sevier
Adam, I think plotting out your sales on a map is vital information. Leads are just as important. There are lead providers that charge per lead, and offer a program to drill down to specific areas and zip codes to help with the cost. So if you were to map out your history with a lead source it becomes very apparent that you aren't selling some of the leads you are getting out in a specific area. You can take this two ways. How do I sell the customers from that area better? or Is it worth paying $X per lead to advertise to the people in that area? Google offers up to 500 rows of data to be exported into their Map Engine for free. This makes it a very easy decision to me to do this every month. You can pay Google to allow you to export more lines of data (which is only like $5.99 a month I believe) if you need the extra data. I hope this helps!
Shaun Weissman
We use Map Point to map out sales, prospects and leads on a monthly basis. It helps with our advertising.
mark rask
I think that this would be great info
Adam Ross
Not to try to sell anybody anything, but the service I work with, Uperator, can do that for most dealerships as part of an Internet lead response program...
Grant Gooley
Sounds very cool!!

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