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Renee Knowlton
I am currently searching for New & Used Car lead providers. I am new to the BDC department and currently working the BDC department solo. What providers are some of you using that has the best ROI?
Grant Gooley
When you say lead providers do you mean resources to provide you leads? Web Chat #1, Google PPC, Kijiji (In Canada) - Craigs List (USA), Cars.com (USA), AutoTrader, YouTube (If used right), Social Media (If used right)... This list is huge. If you want fast and easy results, a strong PPC campaign with a good web chat provider will bring you some great results! Good Luck!
Kevin Liles
Any secondary lead provider like Santander Road Loans, cyber leads, Gm 3rd party and so on are good if worked correctly. There are plenty goods ones-find them by ROI. You should get 500% return on investment from a lead provider for it to be worth it.
mark rask
there are so many. I have done real well with our trilogy leads.
William Havican
I saw that you're title is internet manager on your profile but in your comment you said that you're the BDC Manager. If you're managing both in the dealership and are the only one responsible for answering leads you should first examine how many leads per month you can handle with your responsibilities. A well trained focused rep whose only responsibility is to answer and follow up with leads can handle about 150-200 on a 120 day follow up plan. Long story short, if you can handle more leads great, Dealix and Auto-by-tel have worked well for me. However, you may not have the time or availability to handle more leads and may be doing yourself a disservice by buying leads. If that's the case a better use of budgeted money may be to increase spending in areas that will drive traffic to your website (provided you have a good site that converts at a decent level). What you'll essentially be doing if managed right is "buying" more leads but your grabbing those that may convert at a higher level then those from a 3rd party vendor.
Michael Bilson
William is "spot on" with his assessment. I would suggest using a tool that will allow you to track your engagement and conversion of all your lead sources. Obviously I work for a vendor that can assist you with handling a higher volume of leads and also with sourcing and follow up. If you would like to know more please feel free to reach out.

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