Lead Responses When the Dealership is Closed

Jordan Brooks
Our BDC team handles all internet leads and they rotate who responds to leads on Sundays. They don't seem to be doing a very good job of follow up with these customers on Sundays. How do you handle internet lead requests on days when you dealership is closed? Would you recommend responding to leads on Sundays vs. just sending them a template?
Chris K Leslie
Hey Jordan, It's really up to you and how your store wants to handle that. In our case, we use a service called Better Car People. I have created afterhours templates that they use for us when we are not in the store. This way they are able to complete the lead as well. We choose to not include sales messaging because even if the person wanted to visit the store that day. There wouldn't be anything we could do. So better to not worry about it until we are open. Hope that helps.
Lauren Moses
Jordan, I'm with Chris. You have to do what works best for your dealership. I handle all our internet leads and on weekends I don't use a template but just a simple genuine response along the lines of "Hi, We are out of the office. I see that you are interested in this 2015 Yukon XL. When I left yesterday it was available but as soon as I am back in the office on Monday morning I will double check and get back with you. You should have a call or email from me no later than 10:00" I also make sure to try and answer any questions that they might have, it's not always possible but letting them know that you will check when you get back in and let them know usually takes care of that. I also let them know they can email or call me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them from the house. It's also good to give them a time that someone will be in contact with them by so they know when to expect something. But when you give a time, make sure they stick to it so they don't upset the customer.
Jordan Brooks
Thank you both for your responses to my post. I just wanted to get some feedback to see what other dealers are doing on the days the dealership is closed. From reading a lot of online forums, most dealerships are sending our templates thanking the customer for contacting and giving them a time will they will be contacted. We are doing that as well but we were also trying to have BDC agents rotate and respond to these leads on the weekends. I think it's better to send no response rather than one that is poor quality because it's a quick short response not answering the customers questions.
Lauren Moses
Jordan, Rotating shouldn't be an issue. Though I don't know that I would do templates. And a simple response doesn't mean poor quality. So long as you answer their questions accurately and give a few details it shouldn't be an issue. Or Atleast I haven't seen an issue with it with our customers. I typically get a better response with those than I do with a formal typed out email. Also...little trick. have your reps add Sent from iPhone to the ends of emails during the weekends. Even if they are at the office on the desktop. Makes it look like they are working when they are off making the customer feel better about the service they are getting.
Jordan Brooks
Thanks so much Lauren! I agree the first response is all about answering the customers questions. I will defiantly work with my BDC team to try and add that line to our email responses on the weekends.

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