Lead Submission Rate from Dealer Website

Erin Zaborac
I'm looking for any real data or studies on what percentage of unique visitors from your website submit an email lead or call the dealership. It's easy to through out percentages but does anyone have any metrics showing an industry average?
Jim Bell
I have never seen industry averages on this and would be interested to see it. I know that David Kain says that you should have a conversion of 2-4% for sales and 7-10% for service. This includes trackable calls, i-leads, service appts, and chats. I know that I run right about 3.5%-4% each month just on the sales end of things vs. unique visitors.
Dennis Galbraith
Erin, you are certainly asking the right question. The answer varies based on where you are and what you sell. Here is how you can get the very best answers to your question at no charge: The VisiCogn Insite application from Dataium tracks the Lead to Visitor ratio and allows you to compare the results to other dealers nationally, in your DMA, or those selling the same brand. These comparisons are much more valuable than convenience samples. The application is $99/mo, but you can obtain it free of charge by using the passcode available at http://20GroupTraining.com. The registration site for the application is http://www.visicogn.com/insite/registration.cfm
MIchael Speigl
We also convert between 3.5% - 4.4%. We are in the process of looking for a new website provider and it seems like every provider we talk to converts at 7-9%. I will believe it when I see it.
Dennis Galbraith
Meant to mention that this solution only applies for lead forms, not phone calls or chats. Nonetheless, it is the best source of free benchmarks I am aware of for this portion of problem.
Jim Bell
Michael...do you just track for sales, or for fixed ops also? I know that last year we were right at 11% for both sales and fixed ops. I track anything that is trackable and count it.

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