Lease Return Process and Templates

Wendy Lowen
Hello, My dealership owner would like to see us revise and improve our lease return follow up process. I've been here a few years, but he'd like me to use letters and templates that they used in the early 2000s (before my time). The problem is, no one has retained those items... Would anyone be willing to share some of the steps they take and some effective messages that work to get lease return customers back in prior to the lease expiration?
Lauren Moses
Wendy, Check what private rebates you have for lease customers. Whoever is in charge of your rebates should be able to pull a manifest list of all those that are one a private lease offer. Use this as leverage to get them back in since it will only go to certain customers. If they are regular customers of yours then sometimes just a simple phone call saying that if they are interested they are available for an extra $500 off if they do a new lease, etc. If you are looking for an actual letter check out They are a great site that is free and you can do all kinds of creative ad stuff on there. It is a main site that I use to make ads, letters for customers, etc. then I just save them and print them out myself. Hope that helps.
Christopher Murray
Wendy it all begins the day the customer begins the lease. The salesperson should remind the customer; we are very thorough and you can expect that we will keep in touch with you throughout the lease regarding your lease end options. The second step, I have found, is 12 months before termination. A simple letter reminding the customer of the termination date and that they can certainly call you at any time to explore their options otherwise you will be contacting them at six months to termination via telephone. Step 3, 6 months, is a personal phone call inviting the customer in for a lease-end "pre inspection" to identify any potential issues in exchange for a free wash, vacuum and window clean. At that appointment you begin to ask the probing questions of next vehicle, etc... also you will get permission to make the 90 phone contact. At 90, 45,30, 15, 7 and 1 day you continue the phone calls unless you are told to stop. BMW uses this formula and by far they are the most successful I have seen. I can certainly share the letters and scripts that we have used through the years unless you would prefer to write your own which I recommend.
Wendy Lowen
Thank you , Christopher and Lauren! Is anyone willing to share any email messages or letter templates you've used too?
Wendy Lowen
Oh, I should share too what we've been using... I think it's open to MUCH improvement: Dear [CUSTOMER FULL NAME], Our records show that the lease on your [VEHICLE MAKE] [VEHICLE MODEL] is coming to an end soon. We at Park Chrysler Jeep would like to help make your lease return as smooth and convenient as possible. You have many options when it comes time to turn in your lease. 1. Buying Out Your Lease If your current lease vehicle is going to be hard for you to part with, we would be happy to help you go forth with purchasing the vehicle. 2. New Lease Is leasing something you would like to continue with? We can help you choose a new vehicle that will suit your needs. 3. Purchasing a Vehicle Thinking about purchasing a vehicle, new or used? We are the largest Jeep dealership in the 5 state area and would love to assist you with finding the perfect vehicle for you. Whether you are looking for a Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge or any other vehicle, we are here to serve your preferences. 4. Turn In and Go Already found your replacement vehicle? We would still like to help make your lease return as easy for you as possible. Turning in your lease at Park Chrysler Jeep is as simple as handing us the keys, letting us do a quick inspection, and off you go. Since we understand life sometimes gets hectic, let us save you some time in your day. We can come to you and pick up your lease return without you ever having to interrupt your day. To extend our thank you for making Park Chrysler Jeep your choice location for your lease return, we would like to offer you your choice of one of the following: • $100 Gift Card valid for any purchase (Sales, Accessories, Parts or Service) at Park Chrysler Jeep • 1 year free oil and tire rotations at our service center To schedule an appointment with one of our team members, or if you have any questions you may need answered you can contact us at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you, Salesperson
Megan Barto
Wendy - do you use VinSolutions? (Just guessing based on how you have that e-mail formatted)...

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