Let the Nickel and Dime Games Begin

Chris K Leslie


So I get an email today with the subject line

"April Tools & Tips From CarGurus"

Alrght, I decide to go ahead and bite. I click open the email and to oh boy howdy. I didn't find one single tip or tool. All I find is this thing about how car gurus wants to sell me banner ads on my inventory pages.

Dont buy this crap


I expected more from you guys at car gurus. I mean this is some 2005 Cars.com ish going on here. 

Did anyone else get the email too? If so, how do you feel about it? 

Jason Stum

The carsdotcomification of cargurus? Has it begun? Is it true?

But my guess is this might have something to do with an IPO being something they're considering. Gotta have multiple streams of revenue, right?

Here's a quick little read that might shed some light on the matter.

mark rask

Wow....we just started the free service that they offer

Gin Park

This is what helps dealers hate using aggregator tools in the first place, i say good move if the objective is to push small budget dealers away, right? 

Basically you are being asked to pay more to keep other dealer's cars off your VDPs? Thank god the banner clicks to your website at least, right?


mark rask

We are a dealer socket customer and they are starting to charge for all kinds of things.....even training

Alex Lau

What is this going to do for dealers, exactly?

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