Let's make a deal: Amazon introduces haggling for 150,000 items

Robert Karbaum
"Amazon has introduced a new system that lets customers offer lower prices on certain items, introducing a bit of haggling to the otherwise fixed-price ecommerce platform. The new pricing feature, called "Make an Offer," has been applied to more than 150,000 items, with a great deal in areas like fine art and collectibles. It allows prospective buyers to bid on prices below those listed. Sellers can accept, reject or counter those bids. Negotiations happen via email and may continue until a price is finalized or the sides part ways. If a price is met, the buyer can then put the item in his or her shopping cart." Full story here: http://mashable.com/2014/12/09/amazon-haggling/ This is REALLY interesting. Really. Truly. Interesting for the Automotive business. With eBay moving away from this formula, and all signs pointing to a no-haggle Gen Y future.... Your thoughts?
mark rask
This could get very interesting. Seems like the manufactures would like it
Robert Karbaum
If it was April 1st, I would have thought it was a joke. I will be watching this closely.
Bruno Lucarelli
As a former eBay Autos Manager, I think Amazon will have a hard time gaining critical mass in our industry unless they integrate into CRM's or have independent reps selling the service to Dealers. Our Dealer clients aren't exactly cutting edge for the most part regarding their sales processes.
Frank Marshall
You mean the prospect of getting a better deal by additional effort may appeal to people and drive them to take action? NOOOO say it isn't so.... People like to haggle... I don't care what they say on a survey.

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