Lets See What Happens

Chris K Leslie

"Lets try it out and see what happens..." 


I hear this phrase more often than I would like to admit. It's not something I personally believe in but i've been known to be wrong every now and again. So I am curious.

Has any one out there said the phrase " Lets try it out and see what happens " and had it just blow the roof off the joint? 


Steve Tuschen

I don't believe in it either.  Having said that, I have used it when I know something will work and gone through all of the why's and rebuttal's and another manager is not on board, as long as they are not involved, otherwise it will fail, they will ensure that.  That is a frustration point for the perso who says it when you have gone through everything and you have someone who doesn't want to change, in my opinion.

Rikki Tachman

As a BDC rep, I don't think that phrase sounds very convincing . If you're saying that to a customer with whom you've used all the tools in your trick bag, it kind of sounds like you're just giving up. I would just rather use, "I wouldn't ask you to come in if I didn't think we could help you." It sounds more genuine and a little phrase goes a long way. 

mark rask

We use phrases similar to the one that Rikki mentioned 

Rikki Tachman

I have some more phrases that really help me if you'd like me to list them!

Jake Davis

Please do list them Rikki. I'd love to see them! Thanks in advance. 

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