Local Facebook business sharing

Lauren Moses
Has anyone had any success in doing a community business Facebook sharing campaign? To explain.... My dealer enlists so many other local businesses that have facebook accounts. We each share news, information, and posts from each of the accounts. Helping to build each businesses reach. Not sure if it's been done (though I would like to think that it has been) and what the success rate is. But I often hear people preaching about using social not as a car lot but for local community involvement. So why would you not help out other local businesses by sharing some of their posts if they agree to share yours in return? Thoughts?
Chris K Leslie
I agree with what you are doing. It's important to be a resource of some sort and provide value other than "Sale Today Only" things. I try to look at our social landscape like I am the editor of a publication and it is my job to find the very best stuff, curate that stuff and share that stuff. Plus, it makes me feel super fancy.
Megan Barto
I've found that the posts that get the most engagement (& help the community) are a LOST DOG post. Yep - I'm not kidding. They ALWAYS get share - and you're helping to find someone's furry four legged bff! :-)
Lauren Moses
Chris, Not actually doing it yet. Just a thought that I had. We are very much about buying local here. So I thought of maybe doing a "featured Business" once a week where we put the focus on another small business besides our self for once. I try to post great content like weather appropriate tips, tricks, etc. and often share manufacturers posts and videos. Just thought this would be a great way to help out other local businesses and get a little farther reach as well.
Lauren Moses
Megan, Never thought of that. Will definitely have to remember that the next time someone on my wall posts one.
Grant Gooley
This is a "top of mind awareness" strategy. Ive had success in this space just simply getting the dealership brand name out to the community. Don't expect to generate leads or instant results. Being involved in the community can never hurt, using social is just another communication channel to get the word out.

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