Long-Term Unsold Prospects Email Campaigns

Shelby Loth
My business associates and I are having a debate on the best way to address "Long-Term Unsold Prospects Email Campaigns."My personal philosophy is that "Long-Term Unsold Prospects Email Campaigns" should be used to express "great deals" such as 0% APR financing, new model year arrivals, enhanced incentives/ OEM sales campaigns, and special dealership events. My co-worker agrees. However, what we don't agree on is the targeting. I think we should target unsold prospects that are looking at the specific year/make/model vehicle(s) that are involved in the campaign that submitted a lead between 365 to 30 days ago. That way we hit "active" leads and people that may be waiting to buy that are just looking for that "great deal" to get them in the door. I think this is important especially since our BDC manager's processes for long-term follow-up end after 120 days to unsold leads. My co-worker thinks 365 days is too long and would prefer we target leads that are only 120 to 30 days old with these campaigns. Considering we are in the Milwaukee market, I think that targeting pool for unsold leads in that small of a time frame would be minimal. My concern is that we will be missing out on potential sales from customers that are just taking their time "pulling the trigger" and doing detailed research. I am really interested on what other markets are doing. How is your dealership addressing this?
Shawn Ryder
Shebly - I work with dealers that use targeted email to engage (or re-engage) potential customers using email (along with other forms of communication). This can include based on the timing or type of vehicle they were interested in, current sales or any other data triggered decisions... feel free to contact me should you want to discuss!
Shelby Loth
Thanks for the response. So in terms of time targeting, what have you seen in the market? Targeting leads that are 365 to 30 days old or leads that are 120 to 30 days old? Or have you seen a mix?
Shawn Ryder
I would say that dealers focus on primarily the last 180 days as a benchmark - unless they have high inventory of a model and then perhaps they go further back to see if they can draw some eyes on models.
Chip Dorman
Shelby, Blast them all and let sales sort them out!
Grant Gooley
Segmenting is an art. Your best bet is to really hone in on what outcome you are looking for. Lease portfolio's is a great start. Service customers can be a great segment, vehicles over 100Km's that have been in service in the last 6 months. All depends on the specific initiative you are working on...

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