Looking at signing on with Autobytel. Would you recommend them ?

Kevin Janz
We are looking to supplement our leads we are currently getting from our own website / oem / cars & autotrader. looking for new and used leads. I'm open to any feedback. If you would recommend another lead provider higher, I would like to hear about that as well. Thanks in advance for any input you provide.
Ashley Mabery
Kevin, I would skip Autobytel all together. These are one of the lowest level 3rd party providers in the marketplace. They will send you volume of leads, but the quality is very low. I had a wonderful Internet Department that closed most other providers and over 18% but Autobytel was just 3%. You dig in and much of it is bad information or sold to 5+ other dealers. Many times we would have leads that were sold weeks before we even got them. My suggestion if you want more leads at a high quality is to focus your ad dollars on Long Tail Marketing for your new and pre-owned inventory. We have seen a great result with this in our dealer group. If you would like I can put you in touch privately with the right person.
Megan Barto
Kevin - are you currently spending any of your marketing dollars on SEM/SEO/PPC?
Shaun Weissman
I would take any money you are looking to spend on Autobytel and spend it on your own website... Drive people to your site and away from these third party sites who are just going to resell it anyhow.
Ron Henson
Hi Kevin, Good luck on your search. The following link may provide some insight: http://www.drivingsales.com/ratings/categories/new-car-leads
Ashley Mabery
Kevin, I am curious what you decided on this. Ashley

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