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Josh Lampe
I am in an ACURA store and curious who you are using and what type of results you are getting. We already have Autotrader & Cars.com The top contenders are; 1. Autobytel 2. Dealix 3. Vehix 4. Carsdirect 5. AutoUSA
Michael Migliorini
We've had good success with Dealix and AutoUSA, but not so much with Autobytel. It seemed the leads weren't good quality. I had some customers that when I contacted them said they were just signing up for a sweepstakes. I don't know how true that is but the fact is they weren't in the market for a vehicle.
Jared Hamilton
Josh - thanks for the question. I hope im not stating the obvious, but check out the vendor ratings. Dealers can rate in real time the vendors that they use and you can see all the live verified feedback here: http://www.drivingsales.com/ratings/categories/3rd-party-leads the reviews are verified to be those of dealers and include feedback from each. You can see what actual clients like and dislike from all those companies.
Kristen Mauro
Im a big supporter of craigslist we always had alot of sucess with it. Its definately cost affective, just a little time consuming. But you can always outsource it to us. =) http://www.morecarssold.com

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