Looking for UNIQUE e-mail templates

Nick Wenslow
Just moved to a Michigan Ford Lincoln dealer. Looking to start the internet department back up. I'm looking for some unique ( not your plain jane ) e-mail response templates. Thanks, Nick
Tony Wood
It's not one of a kind, but I've always been a big fan of having the "alligator" e-mail in my arsenal. That's the only e-mail template I can think of that you might not find at every store and that you can have fun with. Are you familiar with the alligator e-mail?
Nick Wenslow
Tony, no I'm not familiar. Please enlighten me on what this is.
Tony Wood
I don't have a copy on hand as I'm no longer directly selling. However, the gist of it looks a little like this: Hey [first name], I tried to contact you regarding [value proposition] and haven’t heard back. Let me know if: You’re all set and I should stop bothering you. You’re interested, but just haven’t responded yet. I should follow up in three months. You've been eaten by alligators, or you're just plain swamped! I normally load a couple funny jpeg/gif images as well with a friendly looking cartoon alligator and someone struggling up to their waist in mud. 60% of the time, it works every time. I actually spruced mine up to be a little more engaging as well. So, I'll dredge through my flash drives when I get home to try and find it and I'll provide you a copy.
Tony Wood
One of my salesman actually had a copy. Shoot me your email address in a PM and I'll send you a copy
Tony Wood
Found it. I'll just post it here. No GIF/JPEG with it, but this is the actual wording: It has been some time since we last talked. I have attempted to reach you, but have had no success. Either you have been eaten by an alligator or you are just plain swamped! If you have been eaten by alligators, my deepest sympathy goes out to your family members. If you are alive, one of the following is more likely to have happened. I hate to keep pestering you, but I do want to express my desire to work with you. Please pick one response and fax or email me letting me know what our next step should be. ___Yes... I have been eaten by alligators. Please send flowers. ___No, I have not been eaten by alligators but you may wish I had been because I have decided I have no interest in your assistance. Sorry, you are sunk (Thanks for your honesty! I can handle it!) ___Yes we have some interest, but here are my challenges: ________________________________________ ___Call me so we can discuss these challenges further. ___Yes we have some interest. Let's get together. Call me to set up a time for us to meet. Phone #:__________________ ___Other:_______________________________ Please be as open as possible. Thanks for your response! Respectfully, So and So Sales Professional My Dealership My Dealership’s Phone Number My Cell Number My Dealership’s Fax Number My Professional Email My Dealership’s URL My Dealership’s Address A hyperlink with directions to my dealership from their address

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