Lotlinx-any new thoughts on this product?

Jesse Peterson
I am thinking very seriously of using this product. I have researched on here and a couple other sites. I am fairly confident they have most of their issues figured out. I just recently signed up for ROI BOT (don't know how to use it yet but I will this week) which I hope will help with their poor reporting. Budget-wise I cant remember the exact formula but its a multiple of your inventory, in my case I'm figuring about $2,000. I'm at the point now where I don't want to spend more on advertising so it has to come out of somewhere else, in this case likely TV. I know just by saying that in this forum just about anyone would say to just sign up, TV is worthless but I don't totally believe that. In my market TV has some value (some being the operative word). Lotlinx has definitely been spending the money to market their product so far this year. I also tried it on a dealer who I know uses it (I'll send a check for $4). I thought it was actually pretty slick. Anyone have any new thoughts on this?
James Altemus
We signed up for LotLinx at the end of November but ended up cancelling at the end of February. In theory I like the concept of LotLinx; it gives you more control over your inventory than the other third party providers and it leverages your own website to generate contact. The problem we found with LotLinx is the network of sites they display on; they either aren't destinations where people actively shopping for a car go, or they are on enthusiast sites where people are more likely window shopping than searching for their next car. Traffic to our Pre-Owned website went up about 15%, with LotLinx quickly becoming the 3rd biggest referrer behind our two new car stores websites, but bounce rate went up while time on site and page views went down. I also couldn't trace a single sale to a LotLinx sourced lead. I think the concept is sound. If they ever hooked up with one of the big name third party inventory aggregators, or (as many here suspect) au.to gets some juice behind it, we will definitely revisit.
Megan Barto
I agree that it does sound like a fantastic idea, I'd be interested in hearing from dealers who have had success with it.
Cody Jerry
Bounce rates from it are terrible. However, is that due to the traffic being poor, or the VDP not being conducive to accepting direct traffic? What have we done to try get that traffic to click further into the site, and look at additional vehicles?
James Altemus
I think it has/had to do with people using LotLinx like they would Cars or Autotrader; they do their search and go click on individual VDPs, but then go back to their search results on the LotLinx SRP. Remember, the additional vehicles listed somewhere on your VDP are also on LotLinx; they don't need to search further into your site. Part of the adoption of LotLinx is accepting that it will skew your analytics a bit. It is easy to filter out those results to see what the rest of your story is.
Jesse Peterson
Good thoughts. It would just be a total no-brainer if say Autotrader was a partner site, wouldn't it?

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