Managed SEO or SEM...which one?

Colin Barrett
We have as a website provider and would like to finally get going with some managed SEO and SEM. Should we start with the SEO and then work our way into a PPC program? Thanks.
Brian Pasch
Colin They are really separate strategies and both require proper planning. You can do both, but for different reasons. PPC will give you immediate traffic but make sure your keyword and landing page strategy is focused on conversion. Your SEO strategy must also include the social element of Google search so this means that your team will be involved in part of the SEO strategy. This involves Google+ as well as the Google +1 buttons. Since a comprehensive strategy needs both, work on both at the same time. DrivingSales has Vendor Reviews so you can select the best PPC and SEO vendors to start your discussions. I hope this helps. Brian Pasch, CEO PCG Digital Marketing
Bryan Armstrong
Sorry but that's a chicken or the egg question. Your SEM wil not be as effective without proper keyword selection and landing pages that are relevant. SEO is a longer term strategy bit won't provide the immediate lift. If has good support (I've heard both on that) you could potentially use a reachlocal type provider. If your looking for a comprehensive program/plan of attack, PCG is one of the best. At the very least you should hire someone to give you a comprehensive overview, preferably one that doesn't have an agenda. Good Luck!
Lindsey Auguste
Here's a link to the Vendor Ratings section that Brian was referring to. Hope it helps!
Colin Barrett
Thank you all for the feedback!
Cavan Robinson
Colin, Brian and Bryan both bring up good points about SEO supplementing SEM. Both strategies take significant planning and require a good amount of support if you are looking to outsource. Your plan should include short term needs and long-term goals. PPC can provide a quick boost - plus you get more control over the creative aspect - giving you a measure of predictability. However, when you start targeting competitive keywords, the CPC can inflate quickly. SEO can be more of a long-term strategy to target organic results - results consumers tend to trust more than paid - and create natural, steady, search traffic. Just remember, you will give up some control to automated technology; once again making it important to have a great support system. As always, check out vendor ratings and...research, research, research.

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