Managing past/current leads automatically?

Steve M
Hello I am new to the forums but I have been reading the site for a few months now. I am the Head of the Internet Sales department for a store in Canada. I am in fact the only one dealing with the internet leads, new and used, and making appointments for myself to also sell them. I have had my own excel spreadsheet that I make each month documenting each prospect that contacts us via internet. I have quite a list now but I am wondering what the best software or web service would be to manage them? I am available all the time due to my smartphone and make most of my contacts with it. Our CRM/DMS does not deal with mobile at all. So I am relying on my excel list and Trello . My question is - is there anything I can use to put all of my contacts in, and access them via mobile. But my more important question - is there any suggestions for a software or webservice I can use to document my leads (apart from my excel sheet) and based on timing, have emails automatically sent to them? ex. Hello [NAME] you contacted me in regards to a [VEHICLE] about [# of months] ago. I am following up to see if I can still assist you. Any method to automate these? As I am putting most of my focus on the current month's leads and on spare chances I will go back to previous months to try to send individual emails one by one. Thank you Steve
Shawn Ryder
HI Steve - thanks for the posting. I am located in Canada as well - east cost in Halifax! We work with dealers to automate communication using email / text and other channels. Our platform can track who opens / clicks on email link / doesn't open email to take them on set path. Perhaps we can connect and send me your email address, then share some more information. Sound good?
mark rask
A good crm will do all of that for you
Steve M
Our CRM just reminds us when we log in from our desks if we have any follow up calls that day. I work very much away from my desk so that is why I am looking for a different solution for myself . Unfortunately I cannot change the entire store's CRM haha
mark rask
Which crm do you have?
Parker Lukjanovs
Mark said it best, "A good crm will do all of that for you." You should in no way shape or form have to manually create anything yourself when it comes to follow-up. Unless it has to do with creating a specific excel file for a New Product launch that's coming out and you want to create your own list of customers that are interested. However you shouldn't really even have to do that because a good CRM will do it for you. You need to seriously consider talking with Upper Management about a new CRM. Like Mark asked, "Which CRM do you have?"

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