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Melissa Willis

Hi Guys I am New here and new to the Automotive Industry. However I am not new to Marketing/ Call centers. I relocated and took a position at a Car Dealership that has not had anyone in their BDC department in years . Due to them being very busy and not really knowing a whole  lot about this position I am back here training myself and finding what works!! No script was given had to learn my own rebuttals so imagine my frustration. However I am determined to give my best and figure this out. So I was handed a Manifest List today and tried to read up on these Leads so I can have a idea of what to say. Can ANYONE help me with a base on a Script of what to mention and what you say when reaching out to customers on this list. Also I see a 5-7 Point ranking status may I ask what this is based off of?  Thank you to anyone who can help me..

Derrick Woolfson

@Melissa, first - welcome to the industry! I can empathize with you - your experience, however, is a huge positive. Is the Manifest List from the OEM? If so, I would presume it is for a Loyalty offer and/or customers who have your respective OEM's brand but did not purchase within your PMA (Primary Marketing Area), and has additional incentives available to use towards their potential purchase. Either way, manifest lists - whether from the OEM or not - have a historically low response rate. 

The most important thing to consider is the message - to your point - and one message that has been effective for me in the past was offering to potential customers whose vehicles no longer had the OEM warranty to consider purchasing a new vehicle. Not only would they have the peace of mind knowing that they are protected, but the vehicles - even just in the last few years - have seen significant technological advancements. All of which offers them a better experience. But even with the right message, you might get one to five to even answer out of thirty plus phone calls. 

Would they consider allowing you to follow-up on un-sold leads? Especially for new vehicles - for example, if the customer inquired two weeks ago on a new vehicle, and you just got $750 in bonus cash, it could be a reason for them to come back into the dealership or come in at all. I'd be happy to provide you with templates and some word tracks in the mean-time. Good luck!! 

Mark Rask

welcome melissa! Ipm me 

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