Marketing compliance

Bart Wilson

Let's have a frank discussion about OEM compliance.  How do you make sure you stay compliant?  Do you find your vendors help or hurt this effort?  Would you generate more leads and traffic if compliance didn't exist?

Drew Bettiol

Regarding generating more leads and traffic minus compliance I would say absolutely because it allows you to cut corners give away information that would draw a potential buyer in by advertising something outrageous.

Bart Wilson

@Drew, you deal with GM.  How difficult do you find it is to remain compliant and still get co-op?

Chris K Leslie

Do you mean like digital marketing compliance? 

Bart Wilson

Yes.  Do you guys find it's a moving target?  Have you got it dialed in?  

Brody Dezember

Compliance is typically not an issue with advertising.  It can make this difficult with say Chevy since they want to see the entire math box when you show a discount.  This makes the ads just messy.  I actually applaud MAP pricing with Honda and Toyota.  Otherwise it would just be a race to the bottom and in the end devalues the brands.

The biggest issue I see is the amount of time we spend getting approval from compliance.  For Honda, we submit our website for review every week to compliance.  We also send every display ad and video we post for approval.  We do the same thing with Toyota.  It takes an extra day at least for us to get our ads live.  

I don't think we would generate any more or less leads.  I feel that the why buy and dealer reviews are going to be the best way to convert leads.

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