Marketing fatigue

Derrick Woolfson

Each month we all start over as if the last month didn't exist. You get the specials (sometimes 3-4 business days into the month from the OEM, WHY!?!?!?!), and you get your site updated. To then send out the same old email blasts. How do you break the marketing malaise and get creative? I am trying to start doing "A/B" testing on email blasts. That is switching up the placements for call-to-actions, and working on my dynamic landing pages with tags on them. 

Any best practices or ideas you have to get past this marketing malaise? 

Chris K Leslie

I’ve started doing things like adding gifs. I figure I am gonna design an email that I want to see at least. Lol. 

Josh Sacks

@Derrick great questions. There are technologies and softwares out there to help dealers pull OEM offers in real time, build ads and email blasts for them that are a/b/c/d/e/f testing in real time. Being able to utilize them will allow you as a marketer to focus on the creativity and branding you're talking about.

Aimee Rogers

We add videos to the emails.  I have used GIFS as well, they are fun and help break up the same borning content.  For black Friday and end of the year emails, I add a count down.  It is pretty neat to see when you open the email. 

Chris K Leslie

Are you guys pulling any sort of merge tags in your mail campaigns? 

Morgan Hardy

We've been trying jokes in blasts. We seem to be getting a pretty decent response on these, some better results than others. 

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