Marketing ideas from salespeople

I'm curious if any dealers have meetings with their sales team on a regular basis to get creative ideas for marketing campaigns? 

Why/Why not?  Thanks!

Kelly R.

I've been doing marketing for dealerships for a few years now. I have never spent a day on the floor selling cars. So, personally I think salespeople and sales managers are an awesome resource when I'm stalling for new ideas. Without actually interacting with the customers myself, I only know what I read online or hear from people I know that have bought cars. 

The salespeople get to hear customer concerns, questions and interests every single day. With that we can turn these questions and interests into marketing campaigns, blogs, social media posts, etc. We can fine tune our targeting techniques based on the type of people we see coming in the store quite often vs. who we want to see more of. The other day we filmed a short video of just our managers talking about lease-end options that I'm excited to get up on our site and social media. I think it will help people understand a process that might not be fully explained up front, before customers get into the dealership.

There's so much I don't know about the ins & outs of selling and F&I and I really appreciate the insight from my colleagues. On the other hand, salespeople may not know how much we can really do with digital marketing and all of the different resources we have. So having a good working relationship between the marketing managers and sales team is really a win-win for the dealership. I think the same process applies for fixed ops as well!

Brandin Wilkinson

Great topic Scott and completely agree with Kelly!

Brendan Dolan

I sold cars for years before I got into marketing, and daily I'd cruise through our showrooms to chat with our GSM's and salespeople. I'd give advice from things I saw in the CRM, as about the quality of leads, and gather input about clients. It's important that the you know what's being delivered to your team, and that they see that you are invested in their success as well. You can't do that in a vacuum away from the sales floor.

Chris K Leslie

We don't have meetings but I am always open to hearing what's on peoples minds or ideas they have. I try to help those that want to start getting into posting on their own accts and makes sure that we are always in compliance with states laws when it comes to prices being posted and things like that. 

Elizabeth Powers

I think it is great to get sales people involved in the marketing.  It serves so many purposes:

Makes them more informed 

They feel apart of the process

They become invested

They can speak intelligently to customers

To go even further give some of your top guys some money.  Do a co-op program.  They will really get into it.

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