Marketing on social

Mark Rask

We have done ok its marketing on fb. We are considering trying some of the other platforms.....any advice?

Chris K Leslie

You havent seen how Im doing facebook.. Hit me up if you think you can handle it hot rod =)

Sherri Riggs

There's no better way to learn than by jumping into the fire! good luck Mark... I wish I could help. Keep us up to date on what you learn and figure out by branching into other platforms though!

olivia davis

I consier FB being the best in that field but still depending on your products you can try Shopify and others of that kind. We are actually stand for our own site and its development. We monetised it long ago, chose a reliable webhosting provider, working on the unique content and pretty satisfied

Amanda Gordon

Our used cars rock on FB Marketplace, Craigs List and let Go. Chris i'm ready to learn if you're ready to teach Brother.

Mark Rask

Chris lets do a webinar 

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