marketing on twitter

Mark Rask

Have any of you been successful in marketing on twitter....please share wins and losses 

John  Swanson

Haven't had a whole lot of success driving traffic from Twitter. Do I think you need to be on Twitter? Absolutely. But I think Twitter can serve a different purpose. Throw coupons on -Twitter, use it to respond to customers, use it to respond to non-customers. Be witty with it, maybe not Wendy's witty...but out of the box.

Chris K Leslie

I have pretty much written of twitter as a marketing channel. I personally use it but thats about it. 

Moe Bakhtiari

Twitter is an excellent place for marketing different products.

Especially E-Commerce products or digital marketing services.

However, for dealerships the main value would be in the form of branding and SEO. Twitter back-links have value so for instance constant posts of blogs from your dealer website should be posted regularly.

Happy Selling!

Jason Stum

My Twitter Tip:

  1. Use Advanced Twitter Search 
  2. Politely insert yourself into the conversation and offer to help
  3. Profit

Example Search

Derrick Woolfson

We have not had great success with Twitter, and tend to stick with using Facebook instead. 

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