Marketing rebates to recall customers?

Linda Loepker
Is anyone doing any marketing to customers who recalls on their vehicles? I know GM has a bonus rebates for specific recalls, and I would love to market to them, but how do you word something like that so it doesn't look negative?
Grant Gooley
"We are looking out for you, and your vehicle!"
raphael chan
Typically any mention of added incentives on a new vehicle is a great way to reestablish a connection to a customer and even introduce the option of a used vehicle as well. I have had some success mentioning a comparable used vehicle to customers still on the fence with their purchase.
Lauren Moses
Linda, I like Grants idea. If you are looking for something that you can maybe email or mail out that explains it, then be upfront. Let them know that they have an open recall for such and such on their vehicle. Right now GM is offering a special rebate to you if you are looking to upgrade. However, this rebate is only good through this date. If possible ask your service manager for a list of recalls or have them add to their recall reply email that they send to customers letting them know they have a recall and have them mention a special rebate because of the recall. I know that I help our service manager out and help him with the service emails and its as simple as going into the recall template and adding what ever wording you want to so when he sends it out it already has it in there. You know where to find me if you need more help
Linda Loepker
OK - just read our rebate sheets - says we are asked to not market the program, and it's not intended to be a sales tool. I don't understand why they wouldn't want us to market it? It's for employee pricing.
Lauren Moses
Linda, what is the actual incentive code or program that you are looking at? I just got done going over our revisions and putting them away. I will check it out in the morning. I can see where they wouldn't want to market it since it would be so select in who gets it. But, it still doesn't hurt to see who DOES qualify and see if you can get in touch with those customers and get them in the door. They have to come in for the recall anyways, why not put them in the new equivalent of what they are driving now tell them that it will be a while before it's ready so they can use that while the techs are working on it? Helps get the new car fever going.

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