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Craig Waikem
I would like to know what dealers are using ResponseLogix and how happy they are with the product. Is the quote quick? Is it accurate? What manufacturers have you used it for?
Rick LaCour
Hi Craig, I'm new on this site and I saw your post. If I didn't respond to it, I think I would have to be fired! I work for We do one-to-one lead marketing. If you are considering ResponseLogix, I would like to invite you to get a demo of our products. We do some of the same things as ResponseLogix and Hook Logics, but take it several steps further. Here's a link to one of our short (5 min) videos to give you a basic idea of what we do: If you would like to see more, I would be glad to set-up a full online demo (only takes about 25 mins). Please feel free to call or e-mail. Thanks! Rick LaCour Mobile: 512-300-9357 Toll-Free: 888-439-4510
Maribeth Woodford
Craig, Response Logix is one of the best tools I have worked with for the past three years. The response time is less than 8 minutes and the quotes provide the customers multiple options. These days customers need choices due to their taste and their budget. If you have any questions, please let me know. Maribeth Woodford Director of Business Development Check out this link for more info on my thoughts
Bethany Johnson
Craig, We have been with Response Logix for a couple months now and I can truly say I LOVE IT! This tool is powerful and customizable and a huge leg up for our team. The Response Logix team has been wonderful not only thru the sales process, but also thru set up and now thru usage. They didn't sell the product and leave us stranded as we have experienced with some other vendors. I have been in the industry for 15yrs and would recommend this product to any dealership. Bethany Johnson RBM North Mercedes-Benz

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