Marketing Strategy and Direction

Ali Salman
What is your unique selling proposition ? (How your dealership is different and provides value than other local dealerships) Does your dealership have a marketing strategy in place with 12-18 months campaign schedule ? How do you plan your marketing mix ?
Kheneil Black
I believe the one thing I do differently for the dealer group I work for is putting up detailed images of not just used vehicles but new vehicles. This helps the dealerships to achieve mental ownership in the comfort of the customers home. Fortunately this strategy is starting to catch on so it won't be so unique for too long. In actual fact digital merchandising will become a dealer standard soon enough. I feel that customers prefer to get as much information in the comfort of their homes as possible. Smart dealers would agree. Whats astonishing is the US has been doing this for some time now and Canada just recently started doing this kind of exposure.
Scotty Lalonde
Our website much has everything on there to help you with your buying decision..From inventory to getting a rough estimate about payment, it's all on there..The thing is, I don't think enough Sales people are using the web as an advantage when you have a customer..For example..walkaround videos are GOLD! They Don't have to be long..maybe 90 seconds to 2 min about the vehicle..or make it customary for your customer taylored to their needs.. Something to think about when a customer says they have to go home and talk it over..Getting an email address is KEY to stay in touch with your customer
mark rask
We try to make sure that we have pictures of all new and used vehicles.
Robert Karbaum
That is a pretty intense question Ali. Let me counter your question with, what would be your unique selling proposition?
Chris K Leslie
What happens if your 12-18 month strategy turns out to be crap after 3 months. How do you know when to pivot and change directions based on the new information that's presented?

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