Metrics for a group marketing program?

Joe Turner
What does everyone feel are good metrics to use when measuring progress and success for a dealer group's online marketing program. The department is responsible for websites, traditional media and social media. Obviously sales are important, but what other areas do you feel are important as well?
Terrence Gordon
Joe, (Not plugging here), but we have a Group Health Reporting system which monitors merchandising health with metrics such as Days to Market, Vehicles with/without Photos, Pricing, Descriptions, Top Lead Sources and Vehicles priced within "target". The system measures individual stores against each other and against the group as a whole. All of these metrics are VITAL as they relate to a totally successful online marketing program. They might not be the most obvious metrics such as traffic and leads, but a website without vehicle photos or descriptions is a website short on leads.
Jared Hamilton
Id look at traffic and conversion as the #1 and #2 metrics. If you were to measure how traditional marketing were working you would want to watch lot traffic and car deals. This is the same as web traffic and conversion (and deals... but conversion MUST be tracked or you will get junk traffic). Track it in google analytics (my recommendation) and track your traffic from each source (keywords, microsites, social media etc) If it was my job... that's where I would start.
Daniel Boismier
Joe, in addition to whtat Jared mentioned, one thing I've seen to be succesful is to separate branding campaigns from lead generation. Spend such as display and social media create awareness and consideration but not hard conversion or leads. If you measure them that way they will shoe up as failed attempts. This is difficult in our business which is a "what have you done for me lately" business.
Joe Turner
Thank You to all. @Jared, currently the principals are focused almost exclusively on sales and in this economy it's tough to get their attention to shift to far away from that. With respect to the website side I have suggested that they seriously monitor and measure Traffic, Conversion, Lead Quality (closing %), Calls and to the extent possible walk-in that mention something they saw online. @Daniel, you too are on the money. I have also suggested that they closely watch the branding aspects such as Facebook Likes, Facebook Comments and Interaction, Twitter Follows, On-Line Reviews and Blog traffic to name a few. @Terrence, send me your contact info and I'll try to setup a review of what you're talking about. Perhaps we can meet in Orlando in April. Once again, a big thank you to all. Joe Turner

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