Microsite Strategy

Cathy Nuccio
After the meeting I started talking to my boss about a microsite strategy. We were wondering what the right goal number is. Using the right SEO strategy do 1000 plus sites make sense??? Would 1000 sites produce a lot of leads??
Paul Rushing
Cathy 1000 sites would be overkill in any market. I wish I was able to spend more time with you at the event to find out a little more about your current strategy. With the product lines you carry conquest/comparison sites would make a lot of sense. I could see you having a strong portfolio of a 100 or more based on locations and models. Ill give you a call in the morning or if you wish you can call me anytime at 912-266-1629..
Susan Burgess
Uh- wow, 1000 sites? Shooo, I don't even know what to do with the THREE sites I've gotten my boss to buy...help!
Brian Pasch
I'd work to get the three working well for you before sticking out your neck for more. Paul can help you with microsite strategies, him and I love them and use them for our clients but they have to be setup correctly.
Susan Burgess
Ok, so what do I want to do with them? There's so much conflicting "suggestions" out there- individual models, advertising landing page, a landing page (ewwww), jump site, redirect, etc... I've no experience with this yet...go easy on this newbie!
Paul Rushing
Susan it depends on what your marketing goals are. Redirects are out if you want to drive traffic via seo or sem. Have you chosen a provider yet to deploy your microsities? They should be able to help you develop your strategy. If not feel free to reach out to me at 912-266-1629 (cell)... Remember we all were newbies once and there are no masters degrees in Internet marketing ... yet. Don;t ask the questions you wont get the answers just remember though... We can help if you identify what it is you want to do. We may not give you the answer but help show you the way to get it yourself. Sometimes you gotta be a customer because we are not gonna give away the game plan 100% online.. By the time we do that it is probably to late........

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