Mobile App for our dealership's customers.. any recommendations?

Tamara Weber
I'm looking into something similar as well and would appreciate the feedback. If I find anything I will let you know Shelby
Shelby Loth
Thank you Tamara.
Josh Knutson
Hey Shelby and Tamara, Mobile is definitely trending in the auto industry with most progressive dealers hoping on board early to take advantage of the extremely powerful resource. Generally there are a couple different ways to go. 1. Developing the app on your own: This process involves you creating every aspect of the app and interface as well as fully supporting the product and your customers. However this process is extremely expensive to both create and maintain being as you must constantly support it. Time is also a large factor here being as you will need a team and lots of hours to get the app off the ground. 2. Select a vendor with a customizable platform solution: This process allows you to choose a carrier and depending on what they offer can change different aspects of the app, all the way to fully adapting the app to meet all your needs. This option is often much cheaper and easier being as the vendor is taking care of all the creation and support. Hope this helps.
Brian Miller
Josh has some great points there. The big question is what you really plan to do with the app. If this is a substitute for your existing web site (and limitations of a mobile version), you may want to consider migrating your web site to a flexible design. This would simplify your work load as 1 site acts as a PC, Tablet and Mobile site with ALL of the content. For displays, blogs, announcements and contact forms this is an ideal (and cost effective option). Granted it will not allow for push notifications (which the user must accept anyways) and a few other small items. Think about your audience, in most cases the reach is much larger in the web world then the app world as far. Would love to understand better.
Shelby Loth
We don't want our mobile app to substitute our mobile website. We want it to be a resource for our customers.. ie to make it easier for them to interact with us on the go. A one stop place for them to connect to our social media platforms, reviews, schedule service, get answers to their technical questions, and more. Our objective is for it to be a "customer loyalty" tool verses a "sales tool."
Tom Vann
You should check out the "Advanced Mobile" App. They were just purchased by Autobytel and the App is VERY robust and has been built SPECIFICALLY as a communication tool between dealer and client. They have a patented technology (or patent pending or something) that allows real-time CHAT without any extra software downloads plus click-to-call. You can call 866-589-5498 (I am not affiliated with Autobytel but I know the product pretty well. I've recommended it to clients). Good luck!

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