Mobile Marketing for your Dealership

jennifer hurst
How much emphasis do you place on your mobile strategy? As more customers are using their mobile devices today, but what is their intent when using their mobile? Contact info, research, inventory search?
Robert Karbaum
A lot more emphasis with each passing year. Looking at our analytics it's plain to see customers are using mobile devices for pretty much everything these days. There is very little difference between desktop and mobile devices.
Carl Maeda
Mobile is very important now, especially if you're located in a large metro area. Mobile users tend to be closer to buying and call more than fill out forms.
Shawn Ryder
Mobile marketing is obviously growing and more important - what is the definiation of mobile marketing? Targeted texting, is that mobile marketing? Specific apps? Just want to hear what people think of mobile marketing and the future.
Lezlie Brannan
We do in-app ads, mobile search, and digital banners that crossover from desktop to tablet to mobile platforms. We ditched all digital ads that won't work on mobile platforms, as 40% of our traffic is mobile. We also strive to make sure outgoing emails are mobile friendly.
Grant Gooley
Lezlie, WELL SAID! We see similar trends! The automotive consumer journey is all about research. Now that Mobile technology has adapted to give us a substantial experience we have trust in using it. I believe that every marketing initiative should consider, "Can we make this a better experience by adding mobile elements?"

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