Mobile vs. Desktop

Derrick Woolfson

With omnichannel experiences being more and more necessary to keep your customer engaged - do you take the time to review/edit the content on your mobile devices? With mobile traffic far outpacing desktop we have to get it right. Yet, we design/edit websites on our desktops. Not taking the extra step in checking it on mobile, and it could be costing us customers. The one issue that sticks out, literally, like a sore thumb is dealers chat platforms. Just check out your mobile site, and you will see the chat option continuously interrupting the customer's online experience. How often do you check your mobile site? 

Chris K Leslie

I check all the time. I try to make it a point to design for mobile first. 

Bart Wilson

This is always a challenge.  How has it impacted your messaging?

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, I had a landing page built for "go to go" specials. On the landing page, the chat was not optimized correctly, and it was one of the top exited pages! Once we fixed the chat, putting it at the bottom (as a bar; with chat/text) we saw an increase in conversion. Before it was fixed, though it sat over the inventory feed, which meant you had to constantly click exit. Lesson learned; double check everything!  

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, have you used the developer tools in Chrome to view mobile? I have found that to be extremely helpful. I learned more about how to use that tool at this last DSES.  

Mark Rask

i so agree

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