Mobile vs Desktop

Bart Wilson

How often are you creating content for mobile over desktop?

With more than half of searches being done on mobile, it makes sense to design for that first.

What do you do?

Morgan Hardy

I do a lot more mobile than desktop. However, there are some things that can be done from only mobile and some that can be done only on the desktop. This part can be a little bit annoying to me, personally. I have a tablet also so even content there posts differently to some apps/pages. I can do most Instagram, Google, and Twitter from my phone and tablet but when it comes to Facebook, I'm limited. 

Chris K Leslie

I dont really do things for different platforms. To me everything is mobile and then stretched out for the desktop lol. 

John H

If you're advertising on Social Media platforms, it's probably best to stick to mobile friendly advertisements & landing pages. Mobile traffic accounts for a majority of social traffic.

I certainly see this becoming a trend across all traffic mediums - Search Engines are next!

Mark Rask

All of the time! 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris - lol that's the issue I've had in the past. That's why I've figured out what I can do from my cell and what has to wait until desktop. There are some things on Facebook that can only be viewed while on desktop which is a bit annoying. 

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