My brain might explode...

Randi DeSantis
I am looking and comparing digital marketing companies. Who do you use? Why? What makes them better?
Ron Henson
Hey Randi, Make sure you take a look at the the Vendor Ratings area on this site. It might help answer many of the questions you posed above. All the best, Ron
Shawn Ryder
Randi - what are you looking to accomplish with your digital marketing?
Randi DeSantis
We have used a couple of companies. According to my current company we are super successful- and we are gods of the internet. I guess I just want to make sure that we are always keeping our options open. A year ago we were making the decision between Haystak and Showroom Logic. After NADA I set up a call with Netsertive because I enjoyed what one of their employees discussed in the workshop I attended. I guess I just dont know how I am supposed to know what makes them THAT different. Maybe they ARENT that different. I dont know.
Tim Elliott
What are you looking to accomplish ?....what measurement do you want to improve ?
Carl Maeda
Don't just rely on the reports that your vendor gives you. Install Google Analytics on your site and look at your CRM to make sure the leads are good. You can gauge how your digital marketing agencies are performing by looking at Google Analytics. Look at trends too. Are your metrics going up over time? If you need help with anything, feel free to reach out to me.

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