My Cobalt Christmas Wish List

Chris K Leslie
Dear Cobalt Santa, My name is Chris K Leslie. I like to think that I've been a pretty decent person this year. I've only yelled at the people that deserved it. I haven't flipped anyone the bird on the highway at all either. Sorry about those few times when I was trying to get across the Strip though this summer. I don't ask for a whole much Mr. Cobalt Santa but for the love of all things holy could you find it in your heart of hearts to please share some of your good form fortune and bestow a little bit of product dev. on us Rather than trying to tell me how I should be sending emails. How Mr Cobalt Santa helps me get those emails first. Then we can start talking about how we're going to use them... k... =! ) My Cobalt Christmas Wish List 1. Forms 2. Forms 3. Forms 4. Forms 5. Forms 6. Forms 7. Forms 8. Forms 9. Forms 10. Forms I think that'll do it.. Smiling's my favorite....
James Cosgrove
Definitely a top ten wish here. Also in my wish would be the following: 2) To have dynamic URL's or even a URL for the photo on the vehicle detail page so I can add a link to my external share tool that helps me share a page but sadly the page does not contain a photo. 3) To have a sitemap that does not contain test pages and pages that are not live. To also have a sitemap that can tell Google what is a priority and how often pages should be crawled. 4) To have template options that have color schemes that actually work together for all pages of the site. Currently the VSR page is not able to show the "savings" without it being very faint. Very bad color matches and use of fonts and font formats overall. 5) To have certain pages like Specials be unique and individual pages rather than a shared page with dynamic content. At present I am unable to create text for each Specials page because they all use the same text. 6) To have video's linked to inventory, ideally before some new technology comes along and replaces videos. 7) To have more options on the managed specials so that you can include a special on the rotator, special page and search page without the need to create two different specials. Also to have the ability to create inventory specials that can show on the specials page in the same manner that you can create a special for service. 8) To have the flexibility to arrange boxes on new VDP in any order we want. I do not like the current order. 9) To have more autofill tags, like price, so that it is possible to create your own dynamic pages with dynamic page content, dynamic structured data schema and dynamic SEO tags. 10) And last but not least, to have NO TIMEOUT limit when using the website editor or to have a WARNING before the editor actually times out so I do not lose a huge text box with tons of html code. I have lost enough that I am now thinking I need to use another editor to build content to paste into my Cobalt editor.
Lauren Moses
Wow. I think you guys hit the nails on the heads.... I think my only wish with cobalt actually has nothing to do with them and that's just to get us signed up for performance finally.
mark rask
I agree with you guys!
mark rask
James is right on the money
Robert Karbaum
Wondering if Cobalt will respond to this at all..... :P

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