My Photo-booth Increased my sales

Jamil The Carman

Just wanted to share my experinse with you folks.I have recently invested $5k in a photo-booth to shoot my cars in and it was the best investment I have invested since we opened the store .We used to shoot outside under the sun and the pics looked horrible with too much glare and they were very skitchy .We recently started to re-shoot all the cars and beleive it or not I have noticed an increase in the online leads on the cars that have been sitting for a while .So if you got the space and you want to get more leads ,phone calls and sales this would be the best investment for you .


mark rask

we decided a while back that this needed to be an area of important

Jamil The Carman

@Mark very important and the results are gauranteed and It's worth every penny invested !

Mark Hoffman

That's good to hear, Jamil. So often we focus on the tools and technology and forget the basics. Photos are so crucial, but yet, they are overlooked or given short-shrift.

When I was with AutoRevo, we put together a guide on how to take photos because we saw so many of our dealers were struggling with basic photography. I'm not sure if they still have it available or not, but it's a handy reference for your staff that is shooting the photos.

..totally unrelated, but one of the funnest things we did was make a video promoting the "indestructible" photo guide. It was totally for fun and just an excuse for us to go out to my place and fire off AK-47's and blow things up. You can check it out here:

mark rask

@mark....where can i get a copy of that guide?

Mark Hoffman

Mark - I'm no longer with AutoRevo; I sold my interest and left two years ago. I'm not sure if they are still producing the physical copy of anymore.

But a quick Google shows they were referencing it in a blog post back in June and it has a link to download the PDF from here :


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