My Thoughts (and hopefully yours) on the New Driving Sales

JD Rucker
Addendum to point #2 - yep, it retained the formatting. I was worried. One thing I didn't test was adding a link. Is that fixed or can you still not add links to forum posts? Testing it in the comments - is this a link...
Joey Abna
I have found myself switching to the RSS feed as I like to view these types of sites in chronological order. I do like that the site loads faster now.
Lindsey Auguste
JD, thanks for the run down. We appreciate the candid feedback and use information like this to continue to make changes. Our engineers are still frantically working on the bugs and as with all launches, there are plenty. I agree with you that redesigns can be scary. Most often, we hate them, but as with our changing industry, the behaviors in communicating have evolved as well and we wanted to keep up the changes. Overall, we're pleased with the update, particularly the look and feel as well as the DScore, once that gets worked out. We appreciate everyone's flexibility while we refine the changes. We have a great community and are always looking for way to serve you better. Keep the feedback coming!
Tami Paulus
I came back after a long time. But find it more user friendly and super cool navigation. Lot better than previous version.
Eric Miltsch
JD, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback - always appreciate hearing from a from a friend and peer I've respected for a long time. This was a beast of a project for such a tiny start-up company to tackle this year. Cheers to you for focusing on the key elements of our redesign and overall philosophy. We're doing everything we can to understand not only the needs of the dealers and the vendors within the community, but also the behaviors. Today's connected user expects specific efficiency & functionality - this is important we deliver on that. We're nowhere near done as well. Bugs? Yea, we've found them and are grinding through them while adding new elements - hopefully at a pace where you won't even even notice. The emphasis is on the content and not the design. Our goal is to connect dealers with the best content possible, while providing our vendors with better connection opportunities to the dealers - the rating and reviews are important obviously and the dScore model will help drive user activity as well. Thanks again JD - I welcome everyone's comments. We're doing this for the entire community, your feedback makes a difference!
Brad Hensley
To JD's point #1... I'm still reeling from the depression to know that my dscore is a zero.... :^)

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