Need Dealers' Help - All I Want Are Insights!

Dane Saville

Hey, everyone!


A little bit of context first...

There are a lot of digitally savvy people here, so you might not legitimately have any questions; however, I thought that I'd put this here. I'm trying to formulate a gameplan for the next episodes of my Youtube series. We have an internal form at our company that allows the sales team and our account executives to enter questions that dealers ask them. There seemed to be a theme about paid search lately.

So, my point here. Are there any questions specifically about paid search that you haven't gotten answers from your agency or are researching and could use help on or any other reason? 

I know I posted something similar just a few weeks ago, and Derrick was so gracious as to reply (thanks, Derrick - and I believe yours was about paid search! I'll take a look to see if I recall correctly. I have it written down.)




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