Need Vendor Suggestion for Demographics on New Car Models

Joseph Davis


I'm trying to find a data vendor that can provide me detailed demographic information on the buyers for the different models of our new car inventory (Mercedes-Benz, Buick GMC and Subaru).

My ultimate goal is to be able to create highly customized ads specific to the demographic for each model in the areas of our city/region where we are not market effective.

Can any of you suggest vendors for me to look at?

Chris K Leslie

You might want to check out

Mark Rask

we have not  tried this but it sounds like a good idea 

Derrick Woolfson

The OEM's also usually have a lot of 'market' reports, and market opportunties - i.e. what your market share is, and what areas you have opportunities in.

Mark Rask

Try automotive mastermind

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