Negative Reviews

Aimee Rogers

We all know you aren't going to please everyone.  It may be from a mistake on the dealership's part, a disgruntled ex-employee, a competitor,  a customer that you couldn't get done because of whatever reason.  Sometimes these negative reviews are completely the customer's fault, but we get the negative review.

Do you ever wish you can review the customers?  How do you handle negative reviews?  Do you let the negative reviews bother you?

I always try to gather as much information as I can and write a personalized response to the review.  We respond to every review, good and bad.  ( If you aren't you need to be!) 

We recently received a negative review about our service department.  The customer was told that their care package would cover a loaner ( and it will).  The customer gets here and is filling out the rental agreement. We ask for a copy of their insurance card and they let us know that they don't have car insurance.  That is not legal in here and we cannot legally give him a loaner vehicle without it.  We tell him this and offer him a ride home, or that we can pick up and drop off the vehicle to him the next day.  He leaves in his vehicle and minutes later we have a negative review.  

Randi DeSantis

I am not always the best person to respond to reviews. While I am great at conflict resolution, I am not great at nonsense.  Sometimes you just need to respond with your truth on the situation and not appease everyone. 



Aimee Rogers

Yeah that is what I did in this situation.  I'm a pretty blunt person, so it can be difficult to write some of the responses to the negative reviews.  Especially in cases like this. 

Randi DeSantis

Me too! I struggle, because honestly some of these complaints are nonsense!!


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