NEW BDC Manager

Brandy Stafford
HI! I'm really new to car sales. I worked at a Title Company and wrote up Title Reports for over 7 years. Now I'm the BDC Manager at a Ford Dealership. I need some advice/help!!! Anything Really!! I have no idea where to being. I worked at a Chevy Dealership for about 9 months doing follow calls for the Internet Department. I also started an equity mining department while I was there. and had no idea what I was doing! LOL! I was booking appointments at Chevy. I was really successful. I had about 50 appointments show up a month.The dealership I work for now is a mom and pop store. Chevy was corporate so I had lots of information at my finger tips. That's not the case here. So I have to start from scratch. So I am open to any advice out there! Thanks So Much!!
Megan Barto
First off - welcome to DrivingSales! You'll find a lot of information here, spend some time going through the forums & reading the blogs. If you have a question about something you see - feel free to comment! Anyone who has replied to that thread (including the initial poster) will get an e-mail you commented and most of us go in & look at what was said. We're all here to help out everyone! :-) Follow a salesperson around for a week & then follow a desk manager around for a week. Get a feeling for all aspects of the business. Learn what they do so you can better work as a team.
Mike Jeffs
Welcome, Brandy and Congrats on the new job! Do you have any specific questions or is there an area in your department you want to start on first?
Wanda Wegman
Hi Brandy, best of success in your new role. Here are some of the things I think you should start with: 1. Define your BDC goals and responsibilities. For example are you handling internet leads? If you are, does this mean that you answer the lead, send product information and then turn-over the lead to a Sales Manager. Or are you doing all that and making the appointment for the sales person? 2. Setup talk tracks - for each type of inbound and outbound call and/or email have clearly defined talk tracks (email scripts) that will handle each scenario. 3. Have a way to measure the results. The dealership needs to know that you are contributing to the success of the department.
Dealer Apex
Hi Brandy, I am Marty with Dealer Apex a website provider but have been in the forefront running stores for more than 20 years. With any BDC Manager the dealer wants results, It's up to you to get the results and the first thing I would look at is how many leads and coming and the closing rate on those leads. Are you taking the sale from A to Z or are you passing to a manager or Sales Rep. You must track this. You main function in that the department is not to sell the vehicle but get that possible sale in the doors. After that prospect comes in it's up to you to follow the process of the dealer which I hope is in place to make sure that customer is handled properly. All this must be tracked so no-one within the dealer can point a finger to your department. there are many tips I could help you with but I would have to know more about your duties. Look up Dealer Apex and email me. On Subject please make sure you put in Driving Sales
mark rask
Welcome Brandy! Sounds like a good op for you. As stated above make sure that the goals for your bdc are clear. Also make sure that you have buy in from the top,If you don't it will be tough. Also make sure that you have mapped out processes in place. I have quite a bit of documentation that I can share with you if needed. Good Luck!

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