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Adam Denault
I am looking for any quality lead providers or any additional ideas to implement... A little bit about our dealership...we are a four year old Mercedes-Benz dealer, a bit of a destination, on the north side of Atlanta. (we have cows and horses as neighbors). I am looking for some additional ideas to increase our New Car sales/ sales leads. We are currently on Edmunds, Cars, and (hate to say) True Car (just canceled AutoTrader) for new car leads. From the reports I see/track it doesnt look like those traditional sites provide much impact. Thanks for your help/ideas.
Cole Mitguard
Hi Adam, I took a quick look at your website and requested an marketing analysis for your dealership. More than understand the need to generate leads, but the best ROI comes from leads that are generated either organically or through paid advertising campaigns through Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. PM me your e-mail address and I will make sure to send over the report, it will include the keywords that you are ranking for organically, and our suggestions on areas where you can generate traffic through paid advertising.
Dennis Galbraith
Adam, It is important to look at all three of the big categories distinctly. Third-party listings sites, like and, don't generate as much traffic for new vehicles as they do for used, but the new-car listings are generally very low cost or a throw in. The shopping radius of these customers can be 100 miles or more, especially for the right vehicle. There is a reason the Mercedes-Benz shopper 80 miles away is looking at your vehicle on instead of a vehicle on their local dealers site. Generally, their preference for the local dealer is low or the local dealer does not have the exact vehicle they want. Leads providers, like AutoUSA, Autobytel, Dealix, and's NewLeadsPlus, aggregate leads from a variety of sources. Generating a higher percentage of their own leads seems to be the way many of these companies are improving the quality of their leads. You can control the radius and buy only leads for the models that would otherwise be slow sellers. Check the "New Car Leads" section of Vendor Ratings from the home page for hundreds of ratings and reviews on dozens of these vendors. Driving traffic to your website is the other large category of options, and there are a huge number of ways to do that (SEO, SEM, retargeting, etc.). There are also a number of ways to improve the conversion of this traffic to leads (landing pages, microsites, addition of chat, etc.). The more traffic you drive to your site, the more valuable it is to improve conversion. The more you improve conversion, the more cost effective it is to drive additional traffic to your site. I hope this helps and look forward to your feedback.
Adam Denault
Dennis thanks for your response. We are currently doing what you mentioned with SEO, SEM, chat remarketing etc. I am just making sure I/we arent missing anything. I dont like the excuse of we are a destination or people dont know we are here as are new car numbers are inconsistent each month vs. other MB dealers in the Atlanta Area.
Benjamin B.
Adam, do you and your team participate in social media marketing? Perhaps you can use more indirect methods to reach potential customers. An example I've been writing about for our company blog describes how dealerships can participate in community events to build their brand, such as sponsoring high school sports or even attending corporate events. This has both immediate and long term benefits, because it helps you build a relationship with surrounding residents. The blog post is here in case you want to check it out:
Adam Denault
Since go, we have focused a grassroots campaign. We are involved with local schools "Partners in Education", as well as a number of other charities/events. Thanks for your input.

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