New Google Advertising Features for Dealers

Chelsea K
New Google Advertising Features for Dealerships Since Automotive traffic on a dealership’s lot has turned primarily into traffic on the Internet, advertising on the Web has become essential for dealerships. But, many dealerships struggle with the gap between getting a consumer on their website and getting them to contact employees directly, whether that be on the phone or in person. Google Advertising is one of the most powerful and versatile forms of Online Advertising and recently Google added a number of features to their advertising programs which offer specific benefits to automotive dealerships. These options may be one solution to directing potential consumers from the Internet to the dealership. Click to Call One of the most recent features Google has added is the Click to Call option. By providing your dealership’s address and phone number, when someone searches for one of your paid keywords through their Smart Phone, your pay per click ad provides not only the link to your site, but also a link to click your phone number and call the dealership directly. The great thing about this feature, besides the convenience, is that it’s trackable! That’s right. With Google AdWords’ Click to Call, you are able to see exactly how many people click the link to call your store, and which ad they were fed that they called from. This feature is exciting for dealerships since it offers those searching for your paid keyword an easy way to connect with the dealership from their desired location at the click of a button. Essentially, this new feature creates a more convenient and prominent call to action for Internet users to get in personal contact with the dealership. So, although they may not be visiting the dealership directly, they’re contacting you directly through the Web! Maps and Directions Another new feature that dealerships can take advantage of is the Map feature. Just as you would set up your Click to Call option, all you need to do to is enter your dealership’s address into your AdWords account Settings. Once again, when someone searches one of your paid keywords, your Pay Per Click ad is served with a link next to the original link to your dealership’s website. This link will open a Google Map within the ad that displays the exact location of your dealership. This Map feature also provides the option to search for directions to the dealership. Another link is posted beside the map that allows the user to easily access directions to your dealership. A user with a Smart Phone is even able to calculate directions from their exact location by clicking another link beside the ad. By utilizing this application, you are only speaking to those who are interested in your product (assuming you have purchased relevant keywords) and simply offering them a convenient option to contact you directly. Click to Call, Map, and Direction features are all great ways to enhance your Google AdWords accounts and provide added convenience to your potential consumers. In addition, by utilizing these options you are able to track and further analyze your clicks. And what’s better than a click to your website than a click to call your dealership directly or directions to visit you in person? Interested in learning more about what Google AdWords can do for your dealership? Please contact Chelsea Karbocus with questions about Google AdWords or any of the new features at or 518.227.0911.
Paul Potratz
I personally like the changes Google has made from the UI to the added call to action tools Chelsea talks about above. I am confident Google PPC campaigns will see an increase in conversion! I can't wait to see what is next?
Jared Hamilton
Wow - Thats really cool! Is the click to call feature charged at the same open market rate as a normal click is for the same keyword? If so I bet google will be creating a new market for that eventually. I think we can all agree that paying for a phone call is worth more than just paying for a click to your website. That is a VERY cool development.
Eric Miltsch
It's def. all about ease of use; if Google is releasing features like this, you can bet they have done their homework on these features. (Did you know that Google has up to 150 items in test rotation every single day?) I'd expect to see more mobile-based UX features make their debut as well - look for these developments play a major role in reducing your adv. cost per vehicle sold.
Chelsea K
Yes, the click to call is based on the same rate as you bid for your Google Search PPCs. Here's a link to see how it looks on the iPhone and how it looks in your Analytics! (To see in Analytics, just view ad groups and choose to segment by Click Type)
Ryan Lucia
I am testing a "Sponsored" local listing right now. It helps you stand out in the local listing. I will do a blog on it when I get more feedback from my local listing stats. So far its not dramatic but steady increase. This option is only available in two cities right now.

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