New to CRM... HELP!

Evan Brown
We are in the process of moving into our first ever CRM system and I'm looking for some advice on how I can make this transition as easy as possible. We use Serti as our DMS and we will be using Dealer Socket as our CRM. Where do we find our data base of customers? Our build date is July 8th. Any advice is appreciated!
Grant Gooley
Dealer Socket will help with all the integration and provide strong training for the team. CRM is the highest paid, lowest utilized tool in the Auto Industry. That being said, if a young guy like yourself, Mark, can learn how to use it properly, Dealer Socket can be VERY powerful. Good luck!
Sean Welsh
Evan Make sure all users understand from the beginning that using the CRM is not negotiable. Garbage in/out is a huge issue when using your CRM data to make marketing decisions in the future. Dealersocket is the best system for accountability on the market. Learn all the management reports you can then decide what's important to your store and it's success. As an outside firm we utilize CRM data to guide our clients with marketing spend but above that we use it hold the sales team accountable to the follow up our owners expect. We have a saying that if its not in the CRM it never happened and we expect our teams use it every time no excuse. If you are doing the full package you should get the call tracking piece which is awesome if used correctly. Good luck and please feel free to reach out for any more help on best uses of D.S. Sean Welsh
Krista Failey
Dealersocket has quite a bit of videos on their website that are awesome tools to use when you're first starting out.
Shawn Ryder
Hi Evan - i have some experience with Serti, have you contacted them to get some assistance with the customer information?
Hunter Swift
We are here to help. We will help make your transition as smooth as possible.

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