Newspapers as Digital Marketing Professionals?

James Lawyer

I am wondering any and all's opinion on your believe and perception of Newspaper companies selling digital solutions. Specifically do you see the newspaper as an expert in this space? Do you buy from newspaper companies who are providing services like SEM/SEM, Social Media, Display and mobile?



mark rask

I have spoken to our gannett rep before about digital service....they did not seem very confident of the product

James Lawyer

Mark...Thanks for the feedback.  Do you find pure-play digital companies more experienced? 

Chris K Leslie

I used to work for Gannett and another newspaper company. I can tell you guys it's not worth it at all. Many of these companies don't even have in house fulfillment teams. So your projects will be most likely outsourced to the cheapest partner in an effort to maintain margins.  

I would recomend find a pure digital partner with an entire in house team of people. Something like Launch Digital Marketing is what I would suggest. 

Stay away from people/companies that do "digital" on the side. 

mark rask

I agree with chris....I have used launch digital marketing for some time now and they do a good job?


Brian Rowland

I can confirm that most newspaper companies outsource digital.   I've worked with newspaper companies at my previous employer.  

During my time working with a few companies, they would outsource search marketing to us, but to increase margins significantly they would outsource display advertising through a managed DSP (demand side platform) partner.  

And let's just say that not all DSP partners are created equal.

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