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Dan Sayer
I get "eCommerce" marketing emails daily from vendors that operate outside of the automotive realm. Do any of you digital marketing/eCommerce gurus have favorites? I currently use Hubspot (they have a new whitepaper out on the state of Inbound Marketing you should read...) and I just received an invite to Looks interesting. What resources do you use, what conferences do you attend, what blogs do you read? Thanks!
Josh Damm
Hey Dan! I check out from time to time for SEO and SEM ideas - and also subscribe to Hubspot and Rand Fishkin emails (Moz). Some people that I follow who practice what they preach in the digital marketing space are Gary Vaynerchuk (social media) and Casey Neistat (video). Great question - excited to see what other answers come through...
Larisa Bedgood
Neil patel usually has great best practices and tips on content marketing at
Dan Ferguson
mark rask
I have used hubspot in the past
Gin Park
My general thoughts on this subject is that if you work within the automotive industry, i would stick to a technology within that industry, as they can leverage big data better in some scenarios than others due to industry experience and focus. Outsource what you can if it will help your business focus on selling more cars. As for Auto & General Resources:SEO Beginner Guides moz - kissmetrics - Google - Digital Marketing TopicsCustomer Segmentation & TargetingInfluencer MarketingOnline Behaviour MarketingDigital & Mobile Advertising GlossarySearch Ranking FactorsGeneral Ad/Marketing Links Automotive Links Conversion Rate OptimisationMoz - 8 conversion lessons from Masters of eCommerceeConsultancy - 21 of the best UX / CheckoutConversionIQ - CRO listAlexa Rank - Top Sites by Shopping (ecommerce)Alexa Rank - Top Sites by AutomotiveAutomotive Community Forums Stuffhttp://www.topdesignmag.comAuto Stuff Google Learn SEO Tools & Tests

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