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Derrick Woolfson

With all the money being spent to advertise I am not sure why you'd want to use the "OEM's" generic "auto-pushed" content, which will link the customer to their site. NOT YOURS. In turn, costing the dealership for the lead conversion. 

Whereas, if you publish your own content you have "organic" conversions directly from your Facebook page. I get why the OEM's do it (money maker), but it doesn't make sense for the dealers! 


Maybe a lot of dealers still don't believe in Facebook so they take the path of least resistance or don't have someone or a team to create quality, original content?

Ricky Patrick

Not to mention the fact that your Facebook posts will probably look identical to every other dealer in your area. The OEM just cares if the customer buys a Silverado. I want them to buy the Silverado from us.

Chris K Leslie

OEM’s always think they can do it better for some reason. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Scott, true - very true - in that case, I would use the OEM content. @Ricky - you're absolutely right. Not to mention, if they convert on the OEM post a) you cannot track it b) you will pay if the customer converts off of the OEM site, and c) the customer will then also be called by all the stores in the district. OEM's really have to work with not against their stores. @Chris, I know! The reps always tout success, yet oddly are unable/unwilling to show any sort of ROI or numbers? 

Chris K Leslie

I like to tell them that "More Conversions" is not a unit of measurement. 

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