Old School Alert: Anyone find a direct mail company they like?

Dan Sayer
Anyone familiar with Fidelis Marketing, Inc? "Email by Mail Program Works!" said the direct mail salesperson. Has anyone ever used a "yellow post-it note" mailer? Disclaimer: I'm a direct mail pessimist.
Chris Pyle
Hi Dan. Yes I have! lol A few times actually. The yellow posted notes are hand written by stay at home mom's and they said "For a great deal call me" and it had my business card stuck under the yellow post-it note. Even my father in law thought I wrote him a note (as did sooooo many previous customer) so the phones just exploded. I think part of the reason it worked so well was because I knew so many of the customers there, plus every phone up was coming to me, getting logged and the customers were getting sold on the fact that this was a legit special offer, not a fake sale. The person I used was Gene Kennedy and I can get you in touch with him if you would like. We used an owner based mailing list so you can only do it a couple times per year or you'll look like a jack ass. Hope that helps!
Shaun Weissman
I do it in house.. I think it works the best. You can purchase your own lists, use your own database and be much more effective than any direct mail company. We've used a company in the past called Hamlin and Associates but would prefer to do it internally.
Craig Waikem
Love our direct mail company we work with. Highly recommend what they have going on right now. Some solid pieces, and also truly handwritten pieces. They have two real handwritten pieces, one with a post it note that it is handwritten (attached to an email printed out) and another notepad from the sales manager's desk handwritten mailer. Direct Message me your email and I can email them to you. SOLID pieces, but expensive. Been with this company for over 7-8 years.
Ryan Easter
Ronnie from Fidelis has been calling me for over a year. Nice guy, have not done business with them yet. The volume and mass mailers which others have offered get very pricey with minimal returns. We have gone to more in-house mailers very targeted at our customer base and purchasing conquest mailer lists. As long as you have a BDC or someone to soft call the manifest list it helps.
Lance MacMillan
I honestly can say the idea of hand written stickies and pink phone message slips has the best return of anything I've ever tried personally (ten years in mortgage/finance). And I tried a lot. None of the big flashy stuff ever worked right, but the dumb little slips drew like 7 or 8% on a cold vanilla mail list. Go figure. It makes sense though when you think about it: it's personalized, it piques their curiosity, and NO ONE throws out a hand addressed envelope without opening it. If you're a pessimist, try this. It works.

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